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Welcome to the DaAnalytics Blog relaunch. The last years I have been blogging about Oracle Analytics. It started as; Oracle BI By Bakboord. OBIBB being a reference to Oracle’s Analytics flagship at that time; OBIEE. After a few years I re-branded the blog to; DaAnalytics Blog. DaAnalytics (of course) as reference to Daan and Analytics.

Early 2018 I started the year with a “Happy New Year for a new challenge!“. The first and most important one, was me joining Pong. Within Pong I am responsible for the Data & Analytics Business Unit. I have written down a few of my motives in this article (Dutch). Apart from being busy at Pong,

DaAnalytics Blog

I still deliver consultancy services. That’s why I maintain a personal website. Part of this website is the DaAnalytics Blog. Therefore the DaAnalytics Blog relaunch. This means that the old blog on http://blog.daanalytics.nl and / or http://obibb.wordpress.nl will remain online but won’t be maintained anymore. As from now all new content will be posted here on the DaAnalytics website blog.

My plan right now is that this ‘new’ blog will contain all sorts of content related to:

I will cover topics like Front-end Analytics (with a focus on the Cloud) but will also look at topics related to Data Integration, Data Management and Data Warehouse automation and Data Modelling (Data Vault 2.0). All these things are not possible when there is a focus on things like Data Strategy and Data Government. All the buzzwords above are useless if we forget to keep the Business (context) in mind. We have to make sure that we begin, involve and end with the Business. The Business should be able to take action based on their (relevant) data. Check my DaAnalytics Standpoint blog, to find out more

Thanks for reading.


Daan Bakboord



Hi, ik ben Daan Bakboord. Ik ben een ondernemende Data & Analytics consultant. Mijn passie is het verzamelen, verwerken, opslaan en presenteren van data. Ik help organisaties deze interne en externe data zodanig in te zetten, dat ze in actie kunnen komen. Door het inzetten van betrouwbare data kunnen ondernemers hun ‘gut-feeling’ onderbouwen met feiten.

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