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Last week I gave a presentation at Oracle in Milan and Rome, on behalf of the Italian Oracle User Group ITOUG. I have given my vision on storytelling based on data with visualizations.⠀⠀

Two short tips:⠀⠀

✅ Keep it Simple Stupid – KISS⠀

✅ Less is More

The ITOUG Tech Days 2020 are a two-day event organized in collaboration between Oracle and the Italian Oracle User Group. The event took place on Wednesday at the Oracle office in Milan. On Friday Oracle was the host in Rome.

Most speakers and organizers arrive in Milan in the course of Tuesday. A joint dinner is enjoyed there in the evening. Unfortunately I could not be there myself, but if I can believe the stories it was typical Italian; a lot. Most were actually already satisfied before the main course.

Wednesday it was event day. Spread over 3 tracks (Database, JDE and Data & Analytics), the audience were briefed on all kinds of issues surrounding Oracle. Various people from the Oracle community, including different ACEs and Oracle Product Management, take the stage. What strikes me personally is that the audience is fairly timid. People listen carefully and nod in agreement from time to time. There is little interaction with the Italian part of the audience. This must come in particular from the ‘foreign’ attendees.

Challenges and Pitfalls ​ of ​ Data Visualization

Immediately after the event in Milan we travel further to Rome. This part is taken by train. We have the day off the next day. The organization has put together a program where we visit a few highlights of Rome. The weather is fantastic for the time of the year. We walk the majority in the sunshine. Together we cover between 15 and 20 kilometers. That differs per pedometer. After a delicious Roman dinner, where I eat my tastiest Pasta Carbonara ever, we walk down the calories on the way back to the hotel.

Visiting some hi-lights of Rome

Visiting some hi-lights of Rome

On Friday we were received at the Oracle office in Rome. Unfortunately, there were quite a few cancellations (some people already know that they are ill more than a week in advance), but that didn’t spoil the fun. The content of the presentations made a lot for me. I was allowed to do my talk for the second time.

DaAnalytics presenting in Rome

DaAnalytics presenting in Rome

The nice thing about these events is that you can combine the useful with the pleasant. I came across some old acquaintances again, but I also made some new contacts. In the meantime you learn something else. For example, during my own presentation I was alerted to the Anscombe QuartetThe organization was fine, although I understand that they have come along a long road. In any case, thanks to ITOUG for the organization and Oracle and the other sponsors for facilitating.

I have had a few nice and interesting days.

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Hi, ik ben Daan Bakboord. Ik ben een ondernemende Data & Analytics consultant. Mijn passie is het verzamelen, verwerken, opslaan en presenteren van data. Ik help organisaties deze interne en externe data zodanig in te zetten, dat ze in actie kunnen komen. Door het inzetten van betrouwbare data kunnen ondernemers hun ‘gut-feeling’ onderbouwen met feiten.

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