Snowflake Dataload using Alteryx

In an earlier blogpost; “Third-Partying with Snowflake”, I showed how Snowflake benefits from its surrounding Technology Partners. In Part I, I started showing the integration with tools like, Oracle Data Visualization, Fivetran, Stitch and Looker. There are still a few other integrations to cover. One of them being Alteryx; a Self-Service Data preparation tool, which integraties really well with Snowflake. Since Pong is an Alteryx Partner, Alteryx is on top of my list. Therefore in this blog; “Snowflake Dataload using Alteryx”.

Two other blogposts have helped me preparing for this article. “Load Data into Snowflake Data Warehouse Using Alteryx” is described in the Alteryx Community. Another blogpost inspired me to use a CSV file from Kaggle that  episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

The following steps are necessary:

  1. Prepare Snowflake-environment
  2. Create an ODBC connection to the Snowflake-environment
  3. Create and run an Alteryx-workflow
  4. Check the Snowflake result

Prepare Snowflake-environment

Find an example of preparing the Snowflake-environment for Alteryx on Github. The result of the preparation should be something like this:

Initial Snowflake setup for Alteryx

Create an ODBC connection to the Snowflake-environment

Find more details about downloading the Snowflake ODBC driver here. “The installer for the Snowflake ODBC driver is distributed through Snowflake’s Client Driver Repository.”

Create an Alteryx-workflow

In Alteryx we can create a workflow, which selects from the csv-file and eventually loads into a Snowflake table. See how such a workflow could look like.

Initial Alteryx Workflow

Make sure a ODBC connection for Snowflake is in place. This allows you to use an ODBC connection to write to the Snowflake Database. Select the dropdown on the left; “Write to File or Database”. This allows us to select and connect to the Snowflake ODBC connection we created in the previous steps.

Creating the Alteryx to Snowflake ODBC Connection

The Snowflake ODBC connection allows to create and write to (in the case of this example) the ‘Bob Ross’-table in Snowflake. As you can see from the above picture, the ‘Bob Ross’-table will be created in the Alteryx-database in the CSV_Files-schema.

Snowflake ODBC Bob Ross Output table in Alteryx

Run an Alteryx-workflow

Run an Alteryx-workflow

If the above setup (including the Alteryx-workflow) is correct, it’s possible to run the workflow. This workflow will create and populate the ‘Bob Ross’-table in the Alteryx-database in the CSV_Files-schema.

Check the Snowflake result

In Snowflake we can verify that there is a ‘Bob Ross’-table in the Alteryx-database in the CSV_Files-schema which we can query.

Alteryx workflow result in Snowflake

Next time I will have a look at In-Database workflow. Opposite to writing data to the Snowflake, we will have a look at how to load data from and manipulate data in a Snowflake-database.

Thanks for reading.


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