Oracle Analytics Vision Validated

It’s that time of the year again. Just like in previous years Gartner is presenting its Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Like I mentioned last year, you can use the Gartner Magic Quadrant to identify, evaluate and select Analytics & BI Platforms. This year the Oracle Analytics Vision is validated.

According to Oracle, their vision is crystal clear. Gartner has recognised this as well and named Oracle a Visionary. Oracle’s vision is based on three pillars:

  1. Augmented Analytics empowering more people with better insights,
  2. Better Insights leading to Decisive Action,
  3. Natural Language and Conversational Analytics becoming the norm, not the exception.

You can read about Oracle’s vision here.

The core of Oracle Analytics

For some reason Oracle always focusses on capabilities other vendors can provide as well. There is one thing where Oracle, in my opinion, pays too little attention to. One of the unique capabilities of Oracle Analytics is the Oracle BI Server. This is the heart of the product. In the Oracle BI Server it all comes together. Oracle Analytics is a product where both governed (IT-driven) analytics and self-service (Business-driven) analytics come together in the same product. Both capabilities tight together by the Oracle BI Server. This is where various datasets are integrated in real-time.

I have created two blogposts where I try to put the focus on the BI Server.

Oracle Analytics Roadmap

Last June 2019 during the first Oracle Analytics Summit, Oracle (Senior Vice President T.K. Anand) outlined Oracle’s vision for Augmented Analytics. Part of this vision is making Augmented Analytics capabilities available throughout the whole Oracle Analytics Product stack. Both On-premise as well as in the Cloud.

Three flavours of Analytics

  1. Centralised IT-driven Analytics
    • Central management and maintenance of data sets by IT
  2. Self-service Analytics
    • Independently add and analyse data sets by the end user
  3. Augmented Analytics
    • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Freedom when possible, governance when necessary. Complemented with Augmented Analytics. Oracle Analytics is a total solution that combines central management and self-service with Data Preparation, Mobile, Collaboration, Reporting & Dashboarding and Standard Applications. In principle, every user has access to all data; in the Cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid form.

The latest Oracle Analytics product range is based on 3 different solutions

  1. OAC – Oracle Analytics Cloud
  2. OAS – Oracle Analytics Server
    • (On-premise OAC based on OBIEE – Oracle BI EE)
  3. OAX – Oracle BI Applications for Cloud Applications
    1. Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP

Oracle Analytics - OAC OAS OAX

In particular OAS, the Oracle Analytics Server solution, is a very interesting one. This the on-premise variant of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). For all current OBIEE users, this means that with a free upgrade from OBIEE to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS). All Self-service functionalities like Data Visualization and Data Preparation come within reach. So for all OBIEE users, who still want or need to continue working in an on-premise environment, this is good news.


Find out more about the DaAnalytics services around Oracle Analytics on this website.

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