Partner Enabled Data Loading with Stitch into Snowflake

In a previous blogpost I showed how easy it is to load data using Fivetran. Similarly you can use Stitch. For this blog I will use Partner Enabled Data Loading with Stitch and load a Google Analytics data into Snowflake.

Select the Partner

Make sure you are an Account admin. Click on Partner Connect in the Navigation Bar (or Ribbon).

Stitch Partner Connect

Setting up a connection is very easy and straight forward. There are a few steps (review disclaimers, successfully connecting, activating, etc. ) which speaks for itself.

Check Stitch

In the end, you will have a specific database, a virtual warehouse, a user and a role specifically setup for use with the (in this case) Stitch.

Validate Stitch Partner Connect

In Stitch you can see the Destination to Snowflake is working.

Stitch Snowflake Connection

Stitch Integration

Now we have the Snowflake connection ready, we can add an integration between Stitch and Google Analytics.

Add Stitch Integration

Configure Integration

Now we have added the configuration, we should give it a name. This name will end up in the Snowflake Data Warehouse as a table.

Stitch Configure Integration

Then authorize Stitch to be able to load data from your Google Analytics Account.

Authorize Stitch to Google Analytics

If all works like it should, you are authorized to load data from Google Analytics. Now you should specify which profile you want to load the data from.

Select Google Analytics Profile for Stitch

Now you should select which tables you want to load from Google Analytics. It makes sense to check the documentation.

Configure Google Analytics Integration

Everything is set. You should be able to save the integration.

Save the Stitch Integration

You are all done. The integration is ready to load data from Google Analytics to Snowflake using Stitch.


Check Snowflake result

You should be able to query the Google Analytics from Snowflake.

Check the Snowflake Result


The setup was relatively easy. Within a few minutes Stitch helps you setup the necessary objects in Snowflake and loads the data for you from Google Analytics. This blogpost shows how relatively easy it is to setup a modern data pipeline.

Thanks for reading.


Daan Bakboord



Hi, ik ben Daan Bakboord. Ik ben een ondernemende Data & Analytics consultant. Mijn passie is het verzamelen, verwerken, opslaan en presenteren van data. Ik help organisaties deze interne en externe data zodanig in te zetten, dat ze in actie kunnen komen. Door het inzetten van betrouwbare data kunnen ondernemers hun ‘gut-feeling’ onderbouwen met feiten.

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