Snowflake Next Pathway Strategic partnership

Snowflake and Next Pathway announce a strategic partnership. Next Pathway automates migrations from legacy data warehouses to Snowflake. When I was at the 2019 Snowflake Summit in San Francisco, I discussed migrating from legacy data warehouses. We focussed the discussion on migrating stored procedures. Back then we focussed first on the Snowflake capabilities itself. Alongside we discussed some third-party ETL/E-LT-solutions. I did not know about specific migration software like the offering from Next Pathway.

“SnowPATH powered by Next Pathway”

“Snowflake will license Next Pathway’s proprietary code translation technology, SHIFTTM, to provide Snowflake customers the ability to automate what is typically the most time-consuming, manual and costly task in a cloud migration effort – legacy code conversion. This includes the automatic conversion of database objects such as SQL, Stored Procedures, workflow and orchestration logic (ETL), DDL, and other code types, from technologies such as Teradata and Netezza.”

Reading the above sounds like converting Oracle’s PL/SQL shouldn’t be a reason not to migrate. This conversion to Snowflake should take hours as opposed to months or years.

Press Releases

SnowPATH powered by Next Pathway”. Check out the press releases regarding the Snowflake and Next Pathway strategic partnership.


According to the statements, “Next Pathway’s code translation technology will automate the conversion of  legacy data warehouse code to the Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse

The SHIFT™ Migration Process

Check out more about the SHIFT™-technology on Next Pathway’s website. Hopefully I can share more about the Snowflake Next Pathway strategic partnership in the months to come.

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