Snowflake Summit 2019 Wrap-up

I had a great time last week at the Snowflake Summit 2019. A bit of an information overload, but a lot of inspiration for the months to come. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the end, but I have enjoyed big time. Great content, nice people, including those from Snowflake who have taken good care of us! Looking forward to number two. I thought I should put together a “Snowflake Summit 2019 Wrap-up” with a few highlights from my side. Some of them I put together in an own blog, some of them are references to other articles and blogs or just quotes.

Snowflake Essentials Training

I started on Monday June 3th with a Snowflake Essentials training, including exams. Being the first ever training for Snowflake in this setting (160 people in one room, all with their own environment and background scripts based on the assumption all attendees do exactly what they are asked to do), it did not all worked out as planned. Leaving that part aside I really learnt a lot. Whenever things weren’t running as smoothly as planned, there was always a Snowflake representative to you out.

The Snowflake Essentials training ended with a 2 part exam. One being a multiple choice exam with all kinds of questions. After passing (with an at least 90% score), you were allowed to execute part two of the exam. Part two was a practical exam where you had to create a user (for the exam team to grade your exam), create a database and a table, load from a Google spreadsheet (via a Fivetran Partner Connect), execute some transformations and load the final table. This was fun to do and on my way to airport I received confirmation that I also passed the second exam

Your data no limits

Tuesday was the day for the opening keynotes. I put a little write up on this blog. Some announcements where made. Snowflake has innovated around 4 main themes: Core Data Warehouse, Data Pipelines, Global Snowflake, and Data Sharing. Read all about the new, GA features  which Snowflake has put together in this blog; Summit 2019 Announcements. One of the biggest announcements was that Snowflake will be available on the Google Cloud. Check out the announcement here.


“In the end it’s all about data, ideas and feedback”

The day ended with an interesting take on data by Steven Levitt of @FreakonomicsIn the end it’s all about data, ideas and feedback.

“Backing Up Is Not The Same As Backing Down”

On Wednesday the opening keynotes were both very interesting. Alison Levine, author of On the Edge and 1st leader of the American Women’s Everest Expedition had a very informative talk about leadership. A few notes here

Benoît Dageville (current President of Products) and Thierry Cruanes (current CTO) are the founders of Snowflake. What was the idea when they started Snowflake? Benoît and Thierry had a pretty clear and simple vision; “Simply load and query data”. In his keynote, Benoît walked us through the Snowflake Secret Sauce. Some notes from my side to summarise Benoît’s talk.

“Dreams are universal – Opportunity is not” by @Kiva’s CTO Kevin O’Brien

Closing on Wednesday with the knowledge that you can do good with data. Kevin O’Brien ( and Julie Dodd (Parkinson’s UK) showed how they use data to make the world a better place to live in.


Apart from the above, it’s impossible to sum up the event. It was just too much, but ‘too’ in a good sense. I attended some very interesting sessions. The two sessions; “Introduction to Snowflake Best Practices – Part 1 and Part 2” were great. In fact they were so great the aired twice. There was enough room to try things out in the various Instructor-led and Self-paced lab sessions. Getting one-on-one in the Snowflake hub was nice to go deeper into the different functionalities and use-cases of Snowflake. I went to the Snowflake Summit to get to know more about Snowflake. Talking at the various partners of Snowflake at their stands gave me more insight into the eco system around Snowflake.


Apart from that there was enough time for recreation. Breakfast, lunch and snacks were provided by Snowflake. I was invited for a EMEA customer / partner diner on Monday. Tuesday evening there were some partner-sponsored events. On Wednesday there was the Snowball. Great atmosphere and great band. Just before the Snowball I thought I should spend some time playing the tourist walking up and down the Golden Gate Bridge. Damn that bridge is long!

I literally spent my time until the last minute talking to a Snowflake partner about their solution and how the interact with Snowflake. Just long enough so I was in time for my ride to the airport.

I hope I will see you next year June 1st – 4th 2020 in Las Vegas for round 2letitsnow20

Thanks for reading.


Daan Bakboord



Hi, ik ben Daan Bakboord. Ik ben een ondernemende Data & Analytics consultant. Mijn passie is het verzamelen, verwerken, opslaan en presenteren van data. Ik help organisaties deze interne en externe data zodanig in te zetten, dat ze in actie kunnen komen. Door het inzetten van betrouwbare data kunnen ondernemers hun ‘gut-feeling’ onderbouwen met feiten.

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