Snowflake Summit 2021 Data Together Now

Join me at the Snowflake Summit 2021

Interested in learning how to use the Data Cloud to unify, analyze, and share data? Want to see what’s next and what’s new? Check out the agenda and find out what’s there to learn for you. The Snowflake Summit 2021 has content for various roles, industries and technical level. Various topics in various session types.


5 Reasons to join me:

  1. New product announcements
  2. Learn from customers
  3. Tailored content
  4. Interact with partner eco-system
  5. Free

Join me and my fellow DataHeroes and register here; Snowflake Summit 2021.

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Last week I attended the Snowflake Summit 2022. The Opening Keynote was on Tuesday. There are 7 pillars the Snowflake Data Cloud is built upon. Snowflake did several announcements building upon the above pillars, during this Opening Keynote. A recap of the Summit.

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