Snowflake GROUP BY Data Heroes

Wednesday 15 July 2020, I had the privilege to present at the first online Snowflake ❄️ GROUP BY Data Heroes online event. For me personally a great opportunity to get more involved into the Snowflake Community. A fantastic chance to help others and myself to get better.

Special thanks to Angelica ColemanElsa Mayer and Kent Graziano for the organisation and the support.

“GROUP BY is an opportunity for data practitioners around the world to come together virtually and learn how some of the most engaged users are leveraging Snowflake. Dive deep into use cases, participate in workshops, and discuss popular Snowflake features with our amazing Data Heroes.”

Angelica Coleman — Intoduction

Kent Graziano — Data Hero — Opening remarks

In his opening remarks, Kent emphasised the importance of giving back to the community, the basis for the GROUP BY event. Kent has done this all his life and it brought him a lot, bot professionally as wel as socially.

Benoit Dageville — Supreme Data Wizard — Opening remarks

Focus on ease and simplicity of using the product. Mission Statement every organization should be able to be Data Driven. Every decision and every activity should be based on Data.

Welcome to the Data Cloud

All data should be available in one single place in one platform. All kinds of data types; Structured and Semi Structured. Non-Structured to follow. No limits. Also direct access to data you do not own; Data Sharing.

Any workload. No scale-limit.

One Single Global platform, Cross-Region and Cross-Cloud (AWS, Azure and Google)

“If you like Snowflake today, you will love Snowflake tomorrow”

Benoit stated the importance of the global Snowflake Community.

Slim Baltagi — Data Hero — Snowflake Features to Drive Your Business Forward

Five Stages of the Business Lifecycle, linked to Snowflake:

  1. Launch — High Upfront Costs -DwaaS and Pay-as-you-Go
  2. Growth — Rapid increasing demand –
  3. Shakeout –
  4. Maturity — New revenues like the Market Place or things like Advanced Analytics
  5. Renewal / Decline — Innovation — Experiment with e.g. Data Applications

Unfortunately (it was a live show after all) we were not able to hear part of Slim’s presentation.

Daan Bakboord — Data Hero — How to execute the T in ELT

Check out my presentation on Noti.st.

Randy Pitcher — Data Hero — Streams and Tasks

Randy introduced us with a Hands-on Lab into Snowflake Streams and Tasks. Check out his Lab-details on Github.

Sonny Rivera — Data Hero — Data meets BBQ

Sonny gave us a quick BBQ workshop based on IOT-data. Where did BBQ’ing and Data meet? Understand the Business challenge. Bring the Business and e.g. Data Engineers together. Experience day-to-day challenges in the Business. Augmenting Intelligence to improve your BBQ skills. Enterprise Tools to store and Visualize data and add Weather Data via the Snowflake Exchange. Collaboration is key. Automation. Start in the Cloud.

“Get involved into the local Snowflake Community. Help others to get better and yourself”

Stephanie Stillman — Data Sharing & Data Exchange

Stephany demos some of the really cool features of Snowflake; Data Sharing. She also shows how Snowflake practices what it preaches because the Snowflake Data Exchange is built on Data Sharing functionality.

Lenny Fishler — Data Hero — How Snowflake with Monge Change Streams drives Real Time BI

Lenny shows how he streames Mongo changes into Snowflake

  • Mongo Change Streams
  • AWS S3
  • Snowpipe Auto Ingestion
  • Snowflake Streams & Tasks

Joyce Avila — Super Data Hero — What a Snowflake Certification can do for you

Joyce explains what education and certication can do for you, both from a Business-, and an IT perspective. There are various training and certification paths available and more to come:

Elsa Mayer — Closing Remarks

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Daan Bakboord

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