Snowflake Data Governance directly from Snowsight

Snowflake’s Data Classification in Snowsight

Last year I blogged about how to use Snowflake functionality to; “Know your Data”. Especially in these times where Generative AI becomes more and more mainstream, it’s essential to know what data is input for the LLM’s. Now Snowflake has made this a few clicks easier, offering classifying functionalities directly from Snowsight.

Reviewing “Data Modeling with Snowflake” by Serge Gershkovich

“Data Modeling with Snowflake” by Serge Gershkovich is a practical guide that explores the use of universal data modeling techniques to accelerate Snowflake development. The book provides valuable insights into data modeling in general and specifically focuses on leveraging Snowflake’s unique objects and features for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Here is a review of the book.

Five days inside Snowflake Summit 2023 – Data Superheroes

ive Days inside Snowflake Summit 2023 - Data Superheroes

I have been a Snowflake ❄️ Data Superhero since the early days of the program. The Data Superhero program has evolved since then. It’s a community program which comes with more and more benefits. I am not talking about all the swag we receive. I can almost start my own personal Snowstore. The benefits I […]

BUILD.local – Building an Interactive Data App with Snowflake & Streamlit

BUILD.local Building an Interactive Data App with Snowflake & Streamlit

During this meeting Dutch local Data Superhero, Daan Bakboord, will give an overview and demo of building a data app with Snowflake and Streamlit. Daan will begin by showing you how you can interact with Snowflake from Python, and then demonstrate how easy it is to make an interactive data application in Streamlit.

Snowflake Summit 2022 — Recap

Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

Last week I attended the Snowflake Summit 2022. The Opening Keynote was on Tuesday. There are 7 pillars the Snowflake Data Cloud is built upon. Snowflake did several announcements building upon the above pillars, during this Opening Keynote. A recap of the Summit.

Snowflake Data Superheroes Origins

DaAnalytics at DSO - Snowflake DataHeroes Origins

As one of the Snowflake Data Superheroes, I had the privilege to share my Snowflake Experience on the latest episode of Snowflake #DataSuperHeroes – Origins. I have been interviewed by Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist at Snowflake. Daan Bakboord Snowflake Data Superheroes Origins Would you like to hear what I had to say? Watch the […]