Snowflake Summit 2022 — Recap

Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

Last week I attended the Snowflake Summit 2022. The Opening Keynote was on Tuesday. There are 7 pillars the Snowflake Data Cloud is built upon. Snowflake did several announcements building upon the above pillars, during this Opening Keynote. A recap of the Summit.

Loading F1 Historical Data into Snowflake using the Ergast Developer API

Loading F1 Historical Data into Snowflake using the Ergast Developer API

Recently I blogged about loading F1 Historical Data into Snowflake. The first time I downloaded the related .csv-files from Kaggle. In a consecutive post I loaded the data directly using the Kaggle API. From .csv to Snowflake From Kaggle to Snowflake This time I am going to use the Ergast Developer API. “The Ergast Developer […]

From Kaggle to Snowflake

From Kaggle to Snowflake

This post shows how to load data which has been downloaded from Kaggle into Snowflake using Pandas

Snowflake Data Superheroes Origins

DaAnalytics at DSO - Snowflake DataHeroes Origins

As one of the Snowflake Data Superheroes, I had the privilege to share my Snowflake Experience on the latest episode of Snowflake #DataSuperHeroes – Origins. I have been interviewed by Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist at Snowflake. Daan Bakboord Snowflake Data Superheroes Origins Would you like to hear what I had to say? Watch the […]

Snowflake Summit 2021 Data Together Now

Snowflake Summit 2021

Join me at the Snowflake Summit 2021 Interested in learning how to use the Data Cloud to unify, analyze, and share data? Want to see what’s next and what’s new? Check out the agenda and find out what’s there to learn for you. The Snowflake Summit 2021 has content for various roles, industries and technical level. Various […]

Sample Data on the Snowflake Marketplace

Snowflake Secure Data Sharing

Finding the right dataset for a demo can be a challenge. There are several locations where you can find datasets. Recently I found out about Knoema. On Knoema there is a wealth of datasets either to achieve for free or via a subscription. Snowflake offers an easy alternative for you with Knoema datasets on the Snowflake […]

Snowflake GROUP BY Data Heroes

Group BY Snowflake Datahero

Wednesday 15 July 2020, I had the privilege to present at the first online Snowflake ❄️ GROUP BY Data Heroes online event. For me personally a great opportunity to get more involved into the Snowflake Community. A fantastic chance to help others and myself to get better. Special thanks to Angelica Coleman, Elsa Mayer and Kent Graziano for the organisation and […]